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  1. Burn hours are between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Material shall not be added to the burn-pile after 3:00 PM and the fire must be completely extinguished by 4:00 PM.
  2. Prior to any burning, you must confirm that is a permissible burn day by calling 1-800-225-BURN (2876). THEN, you must report your burn online by returning to this webpage and selecting the "Report Your Burn Today" button each day you are burning. Alternatively, you may call (831)667-2113 to report your burn.
  3. After your submission, you will receive a confirmation email with a permit number. Your permit number must be available upon request during burning operations. This permit may be revoked by fire personnel for violations of the terms and conditions of the permit.
  4. Violations of any of these permit terms are a violation of California State law. (Public Resources Code 4421, 4422, 4423, and 4425). Health & Safety Code 13009 states that persons who lose control of a permitted burn may be held liable for suppression costs. A VIOLATION OF THE AIR POLLUTION CONTROL DISTRICT RULES AND REGULATIONS IS A MISDEMEANOR AND CAN SUBJECT YOU TO MONETARY PENALTIES.
  5. Burning shall be done ONLY when weather conditions (particularly wind) are such that it can be done safely. Remember, if your burn escapes, you may be held responsible for the cost of extinguishment.
  6. Maximum burn pile size is 4 feet x 4 feet x 4 feet with at least a 10 foot clearance around the pile that is free and clear of all flammable material and vegetation.
  7. A responsible person MUST be in attendance until fire is out. Never leave your fire unattended. An adequate water supply must be on hand.
  8. This permit is valid for each burn season, December 1st through April 30th on permissive burn days unless suspended by fire officials during periods of fire danger or revoked by fire personnel. Each new burn season requires a new burn permit.
  9. Residential Burning is to dispose of natural vegetation originating on the property of a one or two family dwelling. Burning is not allowed on commercial property unless specifically permitted by the Big Sur Fire.
  10. Burn only DRY clippings and trimmings from trees and other natural vegetation. Grass, leaves, and pine needles shall NOT be burned.
  11. The hotter the fire, the less smoke there will be. Be aware of where your smoke is going. If the smoke is affecting your neighbors or creating an unsafe condition, put the fire out. Smoke complaints may result in fire personnel revoking this permit.
  12. The use of burn barrels or incinerators is prohibited.
  13. The use of any flammable or combustible liquid or substance to either ignite or sustain the fire is prohibited.
  14. Residential burning is prohibited within 100 feet of any structure on an adjacent property.

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