Hot Shots

$25,000 and above

Incident Command

$10,000 - $24,999


$5,000 - $9,999

Cecily and Bannus Hudson
Congressman Jimmy Panetta
J & M Foundation
James Betts, MD
Jean and Tim Weiss
Monterey County Gives! Fund of CFMCO
Peter Fogliano & Hal Lester Foundation
Post Ranch Inn
Roxanne Gleason
Treebones Resort
Ventana Big Sur

Chief's Circle

$2,500 - $4,999

Big Sur River Inn
Carissa Chappellet
Connie and Robert Waldrop II
Danah and Paul Fisher
Frank and Jo Ellen Hathaway
Gorda Resort
Ken and Mary Wright
Mary Ann and Al Jardine
Nancy and Bill Doolittle
Peter Dames
Peter and Jane-Ashley Skinner
Sam Gores
Scott Goldstein
Tena Farr

Captain's Circle

$1,000 - $2,499

Amanda and Patrick Orosco
Anne and William Burleigh
Barbara and Jeff Rogers
Brigitte Hanson
Bruce Campbel
Carol and Carl Shadwell
Catherine Fanoe
Coastlands Mutual Water Co.
Deetjen's Big Sur Inn
Eby Wold - Wold Family Foundation
Elizabeth and Kevin Burns
Ellen and Dan Weiner
Enviro-Sports Productions Inc
Eric Mathewson
Heather Chappellet and Sidney Lainer
Katharine Walters
Lee Carr
Lois Merritt
Lucy and Peter Ascoli
Lynn and Timothy Allen
Mary Ann Vasconcellos and David Smiley
Mary Ellen Klee
Melissa Burdick
Melissa McGrain and Andrew Stern
Myra and Drew Goodman
Nadine and Dan Clark
Nancy Berry
Nancy and Steve Fox
PER K Halvorsen
Pacific 2.1 Entertainment Group
Peggy Gilman
Ripplewood Resort
Riverside Campground & Cabins
Susan and Richard Coombs
Theodore Schink
Valorie Cook Carpenter

Emergency Medical Responder

$500 - $999

Alan Buchwald, M.D.
Allan Badiner
Anne and Blake Pogue
Barbara Sexton
Bette Sommerville
Bob Lockwood
Bunny Gries
C.A. McAra
Camaldolese Hermits of America
Carole and Ben Heinrich
David Spilker
Dorothy Massey
Frances and John Hoeffel
Greg Nelson
Harriet and Bruce Newell
Hawthorne Gallery
Heidi Hopkins and Jim Merz
Heinemann-Kueffner Fund of Marin Community Fndtn.
Henry Gregozek
Josef London
Joseph Stutler
Karen and Mark Sullivan
Kathleen Novoa
Kathy and Ernie Long
Laura and Victor Pavloff
Lynda Sayre
Matthew Little
Michele and HowardsTsuchiya
Michelle and David Mackay
Patricia Addleman
Patte and Butch Kronlund
Sheilah Dorcy
Sheri Rushing
Tsipora Peskin
Valkyr Productions, LLC

Wilderness Responder

$249 - $499

Albert McFarland
Anneliese Agren
Christopher Cadwell
Deborah and Tom Barnds
Emlee and Lyle Brewer
Janet Hardisty
Jenell Roberts
Jennifer Savage
Jerilyn Hesse
Joan and Roahn Wynar
Johnny Rivers
Karin Strasser Kauffman
Kate Healey
Key Meetings Inc
Leigh and Francis Toldi
Mary Lu and Magnus Toren
Mary Trotter
Nichole England
Nicki and Mick McMahan
Patricia Richer-Clermont
Roger Bagshaw
Sharen Carey and Hal Latta
Shirley Loeb
Thierry Lovato
Wilderness Responder

Search & Rescue

$100 - $249

Ada Banks
Aengus Jeffers
Barbara Ray and Ken Daughters
Belinda and Ken Shoemaker
Bettie Sue and Ken Walters
Big Sur Center Deli & General Store
Dale Diesel
Dasha Keig
David Mirkin
David Soper
Debra and Fred Rubin
Deva Munay
Donna Graham and Paul Johnson
Donovan K. Leyden
Dorothy Darr and Charles Lloyd
Dr. Dana Kent and Senator Bill Monning
Eduardo Eizner
Esther and Tom Paul
Gary Day Family
Hope and Samual Hale
Jaci Pappas
James Grossman
Jeanne Flanagan
Jenny and Jeff Morris
Joanne Nissen
Joyce Elaine Dawson
Judy Parsons
Julie Conrad TonyTollner
Katharine and John Russo
Kathy and Frank Pinney
Kathy and Steve Schwartz
Kenny Ball Antiques
Laela Leavy
Larry Ginesi
Laura and Don Newmark
Laurie and Tim Green
Lee Ure and Dennis King
Leslie and Ron Sherwin
Linda and Scott Parker
Louis Galper
Margaret and Harrison Robinson
Martha Webster
Mary and Frank Fritsch
Miles G. McBreen
Nancy Harray
Odile Segal
Pamela Glavis
Peggy Horan
Penny Vieregge
Richard and Patti Herdell
Robin Burnside
Sarah and Josh Bleibtreu
Sophia Yakir and Bruce Christian
Stephen Mizroch, M.D.
Sue Addleman
Susan Scannell
Susan Zsigmond


up to $99

Alpert, L. Jayme
Anne and Ken Helms
B. Theodore Horn
Beth Nowell,
Big Sur Grange #742
Bradley Zeve
Cammy and Timothy Torgenrud
Carol and John O'Neil
Cary Yeh
Chad Lincoln
Charity On Top Foundation
Charles Neaves
Constance McCoy
Daniel England
David Nelson
Earl Vickers
Elizabeth Plaxton Brown
Eric Wells
Gini and Robert Griffin,
Helen Shlien
Jax Morton
Jennifer Worden
Judith Zsigmond
Judy LeRoy
Karen and Gary Stotz,
Karen and Lorin Letendre
Kathleen Baer
Keely Richter
Keith Gerchick
Laura Lockett
Lee Delapp
Leslie Patten
Lonni Trykowski
Marjory Ingersoll
Martha Morgenrath
Mary Alice & Nicholas Cerrito Fettis
Michael Campos
Mr. D. H. Davies
Nichole England
Nona Childress
Nora Bianchi
Olga Vershinina
Pamela Peck
Peggy Hansen
R. K. Dusek
Ronald Moore
Rosann and David Wachtel
Sandra Reel and Bruce Merchant
Steven Childress
Steven Harper
Susan Girard
Suzanne and Todd Schmidt
Tia and Michael Fechter

In Memory

All Ranges

Lana Weeks
Gertrude Eliza Stevenson Merchant
Megan Reis
Patricia and Richard Reel
Dorothy Augusta Holmgren
Leslie Burns Richter
Jess Arias, Jr

In Kind

All Ranges

Lana Weeks
Lyle Southall
Makiah Epstein
Big Sur Cabin and Campgrounds
Nancy Berry